Information for Speakers



As your panel session will be shared with other speakers, please refer to the confirmation emails you receive from us to determine how long you have to present. Tailor your talk and slides (if applicable) to that timeframe. 

Please keep your slides formatted in a 4:3 standard at 1024x768; other resolutions and formats may not project properly at the conference site. We ask that you downsample images used in your presentation to keep your total file size under 15MB. Also please ensure that you have rights to use images included in your presentation.

Powerpoint (PPT) files are due to us for processing by September 8th.



Your speaker profile/agreement, publicity photo, and PPT slide deck should be emailed to Charlene Blair at HPCA (



You do not need to register for the conference; a full registration is being provided to you based on the preferences you indicated in your speaker profile. 




When you first arrive at the conference, please report to the Speaker Registration line. Do not check in at the main registration area.

A conference staffer will help check you in, provide you with conference materials, and get you oriented. Speaker chaperones will show you where the room where you’ll be speaking is located.

We ask that you arrive half an hour before your presentation so that you're able to make your way to your speaking location at least 10 minutes before the session starts.



Whether you’ve been escorted or found the way to your speaking location independently, please report to the front row of seats where signage will indicate ‘Speaker Seating.’ At that point, the Speaker Liaison for the session will get you situated for the presentation.



There will be timer staff stationed in your speaking room. They will be introduced to you prior to the start of the session and located either in the back of the room or in the front row(s). Please take note of the Minutes Remaining notices they will be holding up as the time for your portion winds down. In order to accommodate all speakers and provide for thorough Q&A with the audience, we kindly ask that you try as best as possible to stay within your time limit.



On the day of the event, should you have questions or need assistance with anything, please ask the Speaker Liaison designated for your room. Or, if the Liaison isn’t available, any conference staffer (designated by their badge ribbon) can assist you.




Please notify us at least 30 days in advance of the conference whether your presentation contains audio that will require connections to the sound system or if your presentation requires internet access. After August 21, we may not be able to accommodate additional technology requests.



We are only able to accept Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX) or Adobe-compatible Portable Document Format (PDF) files for your presentation, and are not able to display Keynote files. Presentations will be shown using conference equipment (laptops, tablets) only.



We encourage you to submit any changes to your presentation to us electronically, as all files will be preloaded to tablets prior to the conference and it may not be possible to upload last-minute files from you at the event itself.